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Touching the Void

     To describe Touching the Void as a mountaineering documentary would be to do this breathtaking drama an injustice. By intercutting narration from the climbers themselves with a nail-biting reconstruction of their remarkable adventure in the Peruvian Andes, the film has the best of both genres: the authentic stamp of factual storytelling and the edge-of-the-seat tension of a dramatic movie.    
      In 1985, two British mountaineers, Joe Simpson and Simon Yates, embarked on a daring -- arguably reckless in the extreme -- attempt to climb the previously unconquered mountain Siula Grande. A mixture of overconfidence in their own abilities and underestimation of the climb's difficulties brought them to grief after the successful slog to the summit. What follows is an often harrowing account of their perilous descent.
     Based on Joe Simpson's gripping book, the film boasts glorious widescreen photography of Siula Grande and its notorious glacier. The story of Simpson's almost-superhuman fortitude has become legendary in climbing circles, and even for viewers uninterested in mountaineering, Touching the Void is an astonishing slice of real-life drama, magnificently retold. --Mark Walker
     Editors Note:I saw this movie recently and argued with my friend over its meaning. For me, this was an intense example of what happens at the Phase 2 level of existence. Without giving away the story, suffice it to say that one climber must make a once-in-a-lifetime decision that is simply horrible, or at least it seems so at the time. The other, when faced with certain death, goes deeper into the "rabbit hole," leading to a miraculous breakthrough. If you think Busting Loose is a trip now, wait until you see this story. You won't complain ever again.

                            The Language of Spirituality video

    Do the languages and cosmologies of Native Americans hold the keys to the mysteries of quantum physics and the nature of reality? That is the intriguing premise of "The Language of Spirituality," a documentary about the intersection of spirituality, modern science and language, inspired by a series of dialogues between western physicists, Native scholars and elders, and linguists.
     This 62-minute documentary features interviews with participants in the dialogues, including Dan "Moonhawk" Alford, Fred Alan Wolf ("What The Bleep Do We Know?"), David Bohm colleague F. David Peat and Blackfoot scholar Leroy Little Bear, who speak about the dialogues and the implications for the future.
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     Filmmakers Isaac Allen & Chad Cameron set out to explore the ancient spiritual idea that our world is an illusion. As their journey deepened they were taken on a cosmic adventure to the source of reality itself, and through personal breakthroughs to more love, abundance and creativity than they thought possible. Along the path they made discoveries that will change your life profoundly for the better.
    Featuring interviews with many of the greatest visionaries, scientists and authors in the world today. Leap is mind-expanding, heart-opening, and a real treat for the senses. If you’re ready for a movie that’s an actual life-changing event in itself, turn on LEAP! and let your adventure begin.
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                             Marianne Williamson and A Course in Miracles

     A Course in Miracles has touched the lives of multitudes over the years, including me. However, as a starting point, it can be a bit dense, like a black hole, and some are put off by the Christian terminology, although it is really Eastern philosophy at its core. I have found Marianne Williamson's lectures and writings to be insightful, funny and within the grasp of nearly everyone, yet without sacrificing the truth of what the course talks about. Some may disagree, but I also find that the course supports much of Robert's "Busting Loose"  principles, with the biggest difference being semantic in my interpretation: God = consciousness, Holy Spirit = Expanded Self, for example. But concepts of physical reality as illusion, non-duality, of love/joy as the only real thing and the knowledge that we are all divine beings free of limits are just a few of the principles held in common. This is just a sampling. Enjoy.


Talks on Spirituality and Modern Life
This collection of Marianne Williamson includes her popular lectures on Spiritual Principles. Includes the lectures entitled: All Things Are Lessons/I Am As God Created Me; Celebrating Yourself/Spiritual Practice; Basic ACIM Principles/Only the Love Is Real; Choose Once Again/How the Holy Spirit Works. Click the player to hear an excerpt. Then click the "Buy Now" button to get your instant download.

The End of Your World by Adyashanti

Click on the link below to get the 6-CD set "The End of Your World -- Uncensored Straight Talk on the Nature of Enlightenment." It is deep stuff that intertwines with much of Busting Loose, but maintains a fresh and unique perspective. I highly recommend it.