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The Art of Nonconformity -- Unconventional Strategies for Life, Work and Travel

Chris Guillebeau has one of the most interesting sites on the web and he's into world domination, which I am too.  He's got a wide array of interesting books about living life to the fullest no matter what. If you're going to have fun on this plane of existence, Chris could be your tour guide. Join his army and check out his books on work, life, travel and other stuff at the link below.

Mystical Matters by Julia Melges-Brenner

The editor and founder of takes on all spiritual matters in this concise and incisive column.

Soul Pancake by Rainn Wilson

Fans of "The Office" will know Rainn Wilson as the oddball Dwight Schrute.  Here, Rainn tackles the big questions of life in the section  called "Chew on Life's BIg Questions," and feeds your soul with a variety of challenging questions like "Can Rage Ever Be Useful? " Damn right it can.

Busting Loose New Mexico by Tom Miles

More insight from the godfather of Busting Loose in the Land of Enchantment. While NYC was sitting on its collective butt, Tom was organizing weekly group meetings, more than two years ago. Of course, Tom's insights transcend New Mexico, but don't be surprised if you end up moving here.

Pieces of Truth -- The Busting Loose Experience

Wow, an in-depth, well-written blog by Christopher Tomasso, a fellow devotee of Busting Loose, and one-time practitioner of the Law of Attraction. But this is more than just a high-level comparison shopping site. Christopher is going deep down the rabbit hole. Mind if I steal a couple of blog ideas?

The Mind of Maurice Clarett

One of the most unusual blogs you will ever read. For those of you who don't know, Mr. Clarett was the star running back who led my beloved Ohio State Buckeyes to a national championship in football in 2002, their first in 34 years. His life went into a horrendous tailspin after that, and long story short, he ended up in prison for armed robbery. To read what this young man is writing from behind bars (and by telephone apparently) today is nothing short of inspiring, even though many OSU fans still won't forgive him. It's not the usual stuff I feature on here, but maybe that's a good thing.


You can tell, I really resonate with Adya. He'll be all over this site before it's through. Click on the link above to go to his teaching page.

Universal Principles -- Arnold Patent

Robert points to Arnold as one of his great mentors. You can see the blueprint for Robert's work here on Arnold's page of Universal Principles.

On The Illusion of Relationship -- Arnold Patent

More meat for Arnie's Army. Arnold eloquently answers a question about the the purpose and meaning of relationship.

Jack Yuen's Blog

Another fun website about how to live the good life, from my new friend, Jack Yuen.

Double bill with "The Quantum Activist" and "The Language of Spirituality."

One night only, Aug. 1 in Albuquerque, a mind-stretching double bill, featuring Amit Goswami and yours truly.