Another Way

      Just finished watching the documentary "Leap." I found it quite inspiring, and it's good to know that there are a growing number of people out there that are being exposed to this meme. For those of you who haven't seen the movie, it poses the question, what if our "reality" was really just an illusion, as philosophers and metaphysicians -- and now some quantum physicists -- have propounded? What if everything we sense, think or experience in this "real" world is simply a manifestation of "our" consciousness and no more real than a hologram? In other words, "There is no out there out there." (Sorry for all the quotation marks, but when you question reality this much, you pretty much are living in a state of perpetual quotation marks.)
      For some, me included, this may not seem all that radical a concept. At least not after having been exposed to folks like Robert Scheinfeld (who's in the movie), A Course in Miracles, Adyashanti, Zen and a bit of HIndu philosophy from my friend Pravin. Yet, the movie satisfies because filmmakers Chad Cameron and Isaac Allen don't just stop with the basic premise. They take it to its logical conclusion and really challenge the interviewees ("guides," as the filmmakers call them) to explain what's in front of our lyin'  eyes if it ain't "reality."
      What is perhaps most uplifting is the general sentiment among the guides, that whether our reality is an illusion or not, life is always worth living. In fact, understanding the miracle of this existence can make our lives that much richer, our experiences that much more profound and enjoyable.
      To paraphrase the filmmakers, by the time you finish watching this, you're gonna think the premise is sheer lunacy, somewhat intriguing or absolutely right on. As is true with about everything, your reaction will tell more about you than it does about the movie, and I'm sure the usual army of naysayers will come out to attack it on scientific grounds. Whatever. Tell them to go study the writings of David Bohm and get back to you. That'll shut 'em up for a while.
      For more information, visit their website.
      To order a copy of "Leap," click here.

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