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   Welcome to  my new blog, Another Way. This blog and the accompanying website were inspired by a major life change last year. I finally came to realize, that after 51 years on earth, there had to be another way.  I imagine you're here because you feel the same way.
     I've been fortunate over the years to be able to explore, or at least dabble in, a number of spiritual paths, from A Course in Miracles to Zen Buddhism. I've read countless books on spiritual discovery, personal transformation, quantum physics and metaphysics and other esoteric subjects.  I've made films about subjects like UFO believers and the connections between quantum physics and the Native American cosmology. I don't pretend to be an expert in any of them, and frankly, I don't really pretend to know any more than the average man or woman. But as a lifelong human being, I'm as qualified as anyone to relate my experiences. My hope is that perhaps some of my experience will resonate with you.
     Much of the focus will be on Robert Scheinfeld's "Busting Loose" program, since that has been an integral part of my most recent evolution. But there are plenty of spokes on the wheel, and I hope to talk about more than a few of them.
I believe that everything originates from consciousness, and I don't have much use for affirmations, the Law of Attraction,
traditional religion, or anything that places power outside of us. If you take part in these practices, and are finding fulfillment in doing so, great. It's just not my thing. Needless to say, neither is crystal healing.
     I also hope to hear from you, especially my Phase 2 friends around the world, about what's going on in your lives, what you're creating and how you're having fun.

7/21/2009 07:26:12 am

HI Anthony. I apprecaite the creation of you here. Your journey is so much like my own. Having found the Busting Loose work has been so amazing for me.

Cheshire cat
7/23/2009 10:54:34 am

I have just found BL via a recommendation from gary Renard from Disappearance of the Universe. I have spent the last seven month living and breathing A Course in Miracles. When you found BL did you let go of your Course journey. If not.....were you able to combine the two. I want to have fun here in the dream/movie/illusion and my Course journey wasn't a ton of fun. And having fun is really important to me.

7/23/2009 01:46:25 pm

Hi Gail,
In answer to your question, I diligently practiced and read A Course in Miracles starting in the mid-90s after a friend introduced me. It was quite an amazing story that I may go into on my blog some time. I don't remember when I sort of drifted away a few years later. But in addition to meeting with a regular group, I was fortunate enough to acquire and dub a number of Marianne Williamson lectures from tapes that were not generally available, along with some of the commercially produced ones. I have found her lectures to be extraordinarily easy to follow, humorous and incisive. In fact, while I haven't cracked the manual in a while, I still occasionally listen to the tapes.
After reading BL, I went back to the tapes and the similarities were astonishing. It was like she was quoting Robert word for word in places, except her lectures were recorded sometime before Robert came on the scene.
Those tapes were one of the reasons I found Robert's work to be credible, because they dove-tailed so easily, with the only differences being in terminology essentially.
So, in short, I still consider ACIM a profoundly important step in my spiritual evolution and believe it to be essentially compatible with Robert's work. I just find Robert's work resonating with me at this time.

cheshire cat
7/23/2009 02:00:50 pm

Have you done any of Roberts tranformational courses? If so what did you think.

Yes I found Roberts work to resonate with me too. In fact when I tried to listen to my next lesson in ACIM it did not resonate with me. But I feel sorta of "guilty" letting ACIM go.LOL Guess a little ego is lurking.

7/23/2009 11:36:41 pm

We receive certain material when we are ready to receive it. As Robert explains, concepts like "guilt" are man-made and not real, so there's no use feeling guilty about not pursuing ACIM right now. Part of living in Phase 2 is living in "reactive" mode and doing what we are called to do. Sounds like you're being called to Robert's work. As far as the transformational courses, they are part of the reason I have taken the time to launch this site. I've read the Money Game and viewed both Money Game DVDs and Emotions Game DVDs in a weekly group setting. I will probably start the cycle over again soon. I also attended Robert's retreat in Sedona in April.
You can read more about each program from my Busting Loose page. But the groups are great because it spurs discussions and helps reinforce the lessons.

7/24/2009 11:10:07 am

Referred to this site by who else? My amazing brother. I've embarked on a spiritual journey of my own and am encouraged by things I'm learning and that my seemingly unusual concepts and philosophies are not all that unusual. Looking forward to the blogs and comments. Thanks Tony

7/25/2009 03:31:11 am

just don't tell mom about the "Dead Ass Broke" column. I'll never hear the end of it.

7/25/2009 05:12:45 am

You can rest assured that no mention will be made. That would be torture for the both of you.

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