Another Way
     I had the pleasure of interviewing Robert this week. We talked about a lot of subjects during our wide-ranging discussion and I'll be presenting the interview in three parts this week. Among the topics we discussed in Part 1 were:
     Why he chose to write about the Business Game
     The process of writing the new book
     The important difference between changing your limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs, and exchanging your limiting beliefs for the truth, and why the former doesn't work
     He explains how the power of intention lies with Expanded Self and why most self-help practices don't work
     How judgment keeps us from expanding. If you think something is not okay in your life, you're creating an illusion, and keeping yourself limited and restricted. Thus, if you try to create a result, you're energizing the belief that you have doubts about your own power.
    This interview is geared toward Phase 2 players, although he does include an explanation of the Busting Loose concept. If you're not up to speed, you might want to refer to the Busting Loose page first and scroll to the bottom to find more information. Otherwise, click on the icon below to listen to part 1.
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8/21/2009 03:39:39 am

Great interview so far. Good to have points clarified and others reinforced. And I gained some new insight. Looking forward to parts 2 and 3. Thanks Tony

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