Another Way
In part 3 of my interview with Robert Scheinfeld, he answers a "fascinating" question from an Another Way fan, explains the purpose of limit and restriction, talks about "finger-snapping magic," and gives a sneak preview about his next live event and his newest projects, which will include live, interactive webcasts on the relationship game, the body game and when the going gets tough in Phase 2. Check out part 1 here and part 2 here, or go to the Busting Loose page and scroll to the bottom to listen to all three segments.
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Angela Delyani
8/23/2009 04:15:16 am

LOVE the answer to Sarah's question - VERY helpful in my hologram!

tim Atkinson
8/24/2009 04:41:05 am

Well done and very interesting. I will be looking forward to more interviews you do with Robert.

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