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    It seems like I've spent a lot of time in the last few months explaining what Busting Loose and Robert Scheinfeld are all about to folks who are not yet Phase 2 players. I realize I'm just talking to aspects of myself disguised as other people, but I find it keeps me focused to have to consciously remember what it is I'm doing. The joyful part of this is that I seem to be much more successful these days at encouraging my aspects to take up the challenge of Busting Loose, which to me means that my persona is becoming much more comfortable with the process. The early resistance, if there was any, came at the beginning when I was just feeling things out myself.
    (If you're not into Busting Loose yet, don't worry, that last paragraph made perfect sense to some people.:)
    For most people, this is a pretty radical take on the nature of existence and reality, and I try to not make it sound like brain surgery, or that I'm part of some weird cult. In fact, once you start to absorb the principles, it's pretty straightforward. But there is some 'splaining to do for the uninitiated.
    So here's a brief primer, what I like to call, Busting Loose in Five Easy Tenets.  Or nine. We'll see when I'm finished. Otherwise, this could be known as "How to preach when you're not preaching to the choir."

    -- We are divine beings who have chosen to come "here" to play in the physical world as part of the ultimate game. We have convinced ourselves that we are not who we are -- infinitely abundant, joyful, and powerful beings (and in my case, infinitely witty.) The game is to remember who we are and begin to return to our state of infinite-ness. In the meantime, you should have a really good time on this plane of existence.
    -- What we conceive of as reality or the physical world is a hologram of our own creation. Nothing and no one in it is "real," and that includes our physical body. It is all a manifestation of our consciousness, our Expanded Self, as Robert calls it. That doesn't lessen the grandeur of the people or places or things in our hologram. It is awe-inspiring to see and experience what we have created. Take a look outside your bedroom window already. It's just that now, you're responsible for the whole damn thing.
    -- You can't fix or change your hologram. Repeat after me: "it's not friggin' real." As you grow into Phase 2, it appears things change, for "better," but the illusion of the million bucks in your bank account is just as much an illusion as that used Pinto you were driving. You can only begin to realize the Truth of who you are.
    -- We create the illusion of "suffering" when we give power to the hologram -- power to shape and influence our experience of the world and hinder our path back to wholeness. A key part of Busting Loose is to continually reclaim power that we've given to the hologram. We get those opportunities every day, whether it's around money, people, relationships, sex, emotions, family, or politics (which thank God, doesn't really exist.) We have no say where that power goes, or how it manifests. It is just our responsibility to reclaim it.
    -- Living a Busting Loose life is simple. You live in what Robert calls the "reactive," mode, doing or not doing what you're moved to do. You're either engaging in fun, joyful, expansive activities, or you're not. If you're not, then there is a simple process to reclaim your power when you realize you are in discomfort. In the meantime, you get to relax and stop pinning your hopes of happiness on intellect, logic, planning, conniving, manipulating the stock market or trying to figure out life like it's a math problem. Now isn't that a relief?
    -- You can't do anything "wrong." You are being guided by your Expanded Self.
    -- WARNING: (You may want to come back to this one later, like in two or three months.) If it's all an illusion, then nothing is really meaningful, except to the degree it supports your journey in Phase 2. (Phase 1 simply being the state of existence before you figure out there is a Phase 2.) Morals, ethics, rules of relationship, causes, all of the stuff that mankind has created don't mean squat when it all comes down to it. They are part of the game that keeps us from knowing who we are.
    I will end it here as I'm sure a lot of people will be coughing up their falafel on this one.  See you soon.


Darlene Hansen
7/22/2009 04:34:58 am

Tony....Love the article with the exception of the following...Phase 2) Morals, ethics, rules of relationship, causes all of the stuff that mankind has created don't mean squat when it all comes down to it."
Those issues are part of what we created and they are divine in their own way. Squat may not be the best word to use, but then again, you are a reflection of my creating and I thank you for the manifestation of the creation.

Jeanice Barcelo
7/22/2009 05:52:44 am

Jeanice Barcelo
7/22/2009 05:53:44 am

Great Tony - thanks for the invite. Very wise and witty. I particularly like the comment about driving a Pinto. Made me laugh!

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